Interactive Painting
Custom Graphics Software
Dimensions Variable
Duration Infinite
Lake's practice draws on a deep love for nature’s algorithms, processes operating on time scales vastly different from our own: A flower blooming, clouds blowing across the valley during a winter storm, saplings growing to forests, mountain ranges forming and eroding away.

These algorithms together conduct life’s great symphony, a performance so grand in scale and complexity that it is unknowable in its entirety. To hear it, one must listen on the timescales of nature, over hours, days, years, even a lifetime.

This is increasingly difficult in a world where attention spans are measured in seconds, and “productivity” is mandated (by our bosses, our friends, and ourselves) each day, causing in part the visceral tension between human progress and the natural world that has come to define modernity.

Timelapse is an interactive painting inspired by this tension: Terrain elevations rise and fall as pixels are almost imperceptibly blown by swirling clouds and swept away by undulating ocean currents in an endless dance. Procedural gestures disrupt the canvas, creating the illusion of progress while leaving only an ephemeral mark.

Created for Singapore Art Week 2024 by invitation of Seed Labs.